World Champion! Now what?

After you have reached your goals…. What next?

Well, I guess it’s time to reevaluate and move on to the next goal right? Actually no. The first thing I would say to do is rest, recover and then thank all the people and spend time with those that you have perhaps maybe have spent less time due to your goals. A small lay off is Important. That does not mean not training. but a reduced capacity. It is hard to mainatain a high intensity programme without burning out. the brightest and hottest stars burn out the fasted. we long longevity in our art not a flash in the pan.

My team and I just attended the CHITF World Championships that were held in Melbourne Victoria Australia. They all did amazing and as such most had a little time off their normal training regeme. Very importanat to be able to stay focussed and move forward with motivation.

Now it is time to reset our goals and achieve them. I look forward in helping all members reach there new goals!



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