First Entry

So here we go team,


already I can show much of a newbie I am at this and I somehow set up two blogs when I was setting this up?


Cazy huh!!

Ok,so here is the first entry to my new blog for my studies on becoming a secondary education teacher. I have so much to learn and I can honestly say it is daunting, but as I have heard before one step at a time. So today I am looking at my assessments and setting up a Wesite/Blog is part of that. I am looking at doing a presentation using Canva and the task is using digital devise/media for learning and education. Wow, so much has changed since I was at school, first when I was at school we had computer science studies once a week in high school and 4 of us had to share a computer, if we actually used it. I remember plenty of theory in the book then maybe 10 minutes at the end of the session for some practical. So you could imagine how much actual hands computer time you received sharing, waiting for the computer to load with all the bleeps and whirring noises, then sharing it, then logging off and shutting down. Todays students not only have more screen time in one day then I probably had in a year of computer studies but are more adept in using them from a much earlier age.

So today I set the up and I will post some images and text on the process for this that are like me…. total newbiesIMG_5760



Anyway here some some images of me getting startedPlaceholder Image


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